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Life is too short to skimp on simple pleasures! Everyone should be able to savor comforting baked goods.
Your go-to snacks, desserts, and meals are best when wholesome, nutritious, and minimally processed.
Food that makes your body feel light and energized is key to a blissful life.


When was the last time you sat down to eat a soft, steaming muffin and felt amazing afterwards? Not just comforted and satisfied, but energized in your body?

For many of us, finding baked goods that we look forward to enjoying each week can be challenging. If they are healthy and unprocessed, they can taste "meh." If they taste great, they can be full of ingredients that slow you down and make you feel 'not so great.'

That’s why I started making muffins that Mason and I could both enjoy. We loved baked goods, but the gluten-free options in stores left us disappointed and feeling icky.

By using nutritious ingredients from my own kitchen, I made a batch of muffins that we wanted again and again - and that made us feel good (finally!).

No more feeling "left out" because of dietary restrictions or preferences. With Soozy's, you can enjoy baked goods every day to feel blissful and nourished from the inside out.

Big hugs,
Soozy’s Co-Founder

Fellow Foodies,

Bakery muffins, oven-fresh cookies, store-bought bread... I loved it all! That is, until my body didn't.

I started experiencing headaches, digestive pain, and chronic fatigue, and I realized my body was trying to tell me something. As I explored ways to heal, I started to view food as fuel for my body to thrive. A few months after replacing some of the harder-to-digest, nutrient-poor foods and adding in a variety of digestible, nutrient-rich foods, I finally started to feel better.

The right food made me feel like a new person. This was the first time in my life that I saw the power of consuming real, whole, recognizable, nutrient-rich foods.

I never wanted to give up my favorite bakery products. Just to be healthier. At Soozy's, our motto has always been: food should be both nutritious and truly delicious. If you ask me, life's too short to "skip the bread basket!" Have yourself a (grain-free) muffin, or a cookie, or a slice of delicious bread, all while feeling your absolute best.

Happy snacking!
Soozy's Co-Founder

Enjoy Gluten-Free 2.0!

Ingredients We Skip

Just because a product is labeled “gluten-free”, doesn’t mean it’s nutrient-rich. We want our baked goods to pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. We stick to a nourishing base of lower-carb nuts and seeds like almond and coconut, to pair protein with fats for an energizing duo.
In the last century, grains have become one of the most highly genetically modified and sprayed crops in our country. As a result, grains have become more complicated for the human body to break down. We skip the grains (your gut will thank you!), and in turn, use grain-free flours such as almond flour, coconut flour and cassava flour.
We are proudly Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Glyphosate Residue Free! We believe that customers have the right to know what’s in their food. For us, that means being honest and transparent about what’s in our ingredients. We source from farms that do not use glyphosate during the growing and harvesting cycles.
We’ve swapped the butter and whole milk for coconut cream and coconut oil, to keep the fluffy and decadent texture of our baked goods, while also making sure our product line is, in fact, dairy-free.
While the majority of chocolate chips contain “soy lecithin,” we’ve vowed to skip this allergen all together, and find a more nourishing alternative. We source dairy-free, soy-free chocolate chips to keep our promise to you – to only use real ingredients, for real food!
Gums are for chewing, not for eating. We are proud-to-be gum-free because if we can’t 100% stand behind an ingredient, we skip it. When in doubt, we leave them out!
"I'm so happy to have discovered your brand! I usually make my own paleo bread, because it's so hard to find clean and macro-friendly bread that actually taste good. So thank YOU - it's amazing!"

- Andrea C.

You shouldn’t have to give up the foods that make your heart happy.

With Soozy’s, you can have nutritious, everyday options for the baked goods you love… all while feeling your best.
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