Your favorite bakery treats,

reinvented. Welcome to the next

generation of deliciously gluten-free!


Nourishing our bodies with nutritious, whole foods is a key to a blissful life.

Being thoughtful and mindful when choosing what we eat is foundational to our health and wellness.

Life’s too short to skip out on the foods we love and enjoy!

Living a life without treats is a life that’s just a little less

Simplicity is key, especially when it comes to food.

We skip the science experiments, and only use unprocessed, nutrient-rich ingredients.

We are committed to making the best-tasting, grain-free
baked goods, with the cleanest of ingredients… and we are
just getting started. We are so excited to have you on this
journey with us!

Baked with Love,

“Our double chocolate muffin moonlights as
the most delicious gooey chocolate soufflé
cake! Whether I’m enjoying it with my morning
tea or after dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice
cream, there’s always an occasion for this
muffin. Best of all, it’s packed with nutrients,
low calorie and you would never know it’s

gluten or grain-free!”

Soozy Signature

“Our maple donut reminds me of brunch, in the
best type of way. It has just the right balance
of sweetness that we all know and love,
without being “too sweet.” It serves as a great
grab-and-go snack, but can also play the role
of decadent dessert, when the time calls for it!
It’s naturally dairy-free, but tastes like the
buttery, maple-laden pancake stack that we all

remember from childhood!”

Mason Signature