wild blueberry MUFFIN

An all-American classic, re-mastered to pack a nutritious punch! Sweet, juicy blueberries are the star of this moist and fluffy muffin. With a touch of lemon and a hint of vanilla, it’s a completely irresistible combo. We challenge you to have just one!


This moist, decadent muffin is for those who secretly wish they could eat dessert for breakfast… and feel good about it!  We’ve paired dutch cocoa powder with coconut cream for a rich and indulgent pairing. Sprinkled with chocolate chips, this this muffin truly heavenly, and is a Team Soozy’s favorite!


Like your grandmother’s banana bread, only better – if you can believe it! Our banana chocolate chip muffin is light and fluffy, and bursting with flavor. You will forget it’s actually nutrient-rich! Pair it with your morning coffee for a satisfying start to your day, or enjoy as an afternoon snack to get you through that three o’clock slump. It’s a snack that’s just as satisfying as it is, nutritious!


We’ve been dreaming of a matcha muffin before matcha even became a “thing” – we swear! We use coconut cream to bring out the fullness of our high-grade matcha powder, and sweeten it with maple syrup and coconut sugar, to balance out the matcha’s delightful earthiness. If you’ve never tried matcha before, you are in for a treat, that even the pickiest of eaters adore!


If you thought you couldn’t love breakfast any more, we may change your mind! Our maple donut has the scrumptious flavor of pancakes with syrup, but paired with the moist and decadent texture of a traditional cake donut. Much to your surprise, the nutrition panel is as clean as they come. You’ll get all of the flavor and satisfaction of your favorite baked good, but with nutrient-dense, healthy fats like organic coconut oil, coconut cream, and non-GMO eggs, that will keep you feeling full and satisfied. It pairs perfectly with a latte or a cappuccino, and is the perfect grab-and-go breakfast accompaniment!


Calling all chocolate lovers – our Double Chocolate donut is as crave-worthy as they come. We combine high-quality cocoa, almond flour, cassava flour and coconut cream to create the best-tasting, most nutrient-dense grain-free donut you’ll find. You’ll never need to worry about sacrificing taste for nutrition, or nutrition for taste. You can finally have both! We love pairing it with an iced matcha latte, coffee and cream, or a tall glass of almond milk. Say bye bye to dairy, gluten, grains, refined sugar, processed flours and gums, and hello to a happy belly!

Cinnamon Sugar Donut

Lightly dusted in coconut sugar and baked to perfection, our cinnamon sugar donut is what dreams are made of. Think: cider donut meets a warm cinnamon roll. It’s the perfect mid-morning snack or afternoon pick-me-up. Sweetened naturally with organic coconut sugar and unrefined maple syrup, our grain-free donuts have 40% less sugar than most, all while keeping the highest integrity of ingredients. This means, no sugar alcohols, no sugar substitutes, and no highly processed sugars. It’s the donut you’ve been daydreaming of, and it’s finally here.